How To Clean An Instant Pot?

If you own an Instant Pot, it is important for you to know how to properly clean it. These appliances aren’t very difficult to maintain, but you will have to follow a few steps. By keeping your Instant Pot clean, you can extend its life by many years.

Interior Pot

The inside of the Instant Pot has a durable stainless steel construction, which makes it easy to clean. Despite how sturdy it is, you still have to be gentle when cleaning it. You can choose to do this by hand or just pop it into your dishwasher. Remember to let the pot itself sit for a while to let the temperature decrease prior to cleaning. You should wash the inside out thoroughly after each use. Don’t use any harsh cleaning solutions or steel wool, as it could damage it the interior coating of the pot.

Exterior Pot

You will also have to clean the outside of the pot every time you use it. Pieces of food and moisture can become trapped in this area, which is why it’s important to give it due attention. Start by wiping down the interior of the container with a washcloth and some warm water. If there is grease on the heating element, just sprinkle some baking soda and wipe it down.

The Outside

Sometimes the outside of your Instant Pot will get dirty with liquid that runs down it. Just use a washcloth and some warm water to take care of this. It is important that the outside of the pot stays clean and dry, as its where the appliance’s processor is situated.

The Lid

When you are ready to clean the lid, make sure that you take off the sealing ring to make your job easier. You can use dish washer liquid and a soft cloth to do this. Make certain that you wipe the lid completely dry so as not to leave any moisture behind.

Steam Release Valve

Cleaning the steam release valve will require you to first take off the anti-block shield, which can be found under the lid. You won’t remove this part but rather just give it a quick scrubbing while it is still attached. It usually doesn’t need to be cleaned, but doing so is important if it looks dirty at all.

Float Valve

For cleaning the Instant Pot’s float valve, you will have to first take off the silicone ring. Make certain that you wash the valve and ring individually.

Sealing Ring

You can put this part through your dishwasher or clean it by hand. Another option for cleaning this part involves using the steam function of your Instant Pot. It is important to clean off any traces of food that might be on it. Otherwise this appliance will not function properly.

Once you have cleaned all of the components of your Instapot, you can put them all back together. Be careful when you are doing this, ensuring that everything is assembled correctly before using it again.

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