Top 5 Electric Pressure Cookers For Sale

Although electric pressure cookers have existed for a while, they have only recently become mainstream popular. Their ease of use, convenience and speed of cooking has catapulted them into the spotlight, and it’s done well there. Millions of pressure cookers have been sold, and it doesn’t appear things will be slowing down any time soon. But if you’re reading this, you probably already know this, and want to take the next step and get one for yourself. Below, are the top 5 electric pressure cookers.

Instapot DuoInstant Pot Duo

The Instant pot Duo is a simple yet effective choice. The basic model in the Instant pot lineup, it doesn’t come with as many features. But it comes with what most people will need on a regular basis and at a reduced price. A good choice for those who want a rock solid instant pot but don’t care about all the extra features more expensive ones provide.

  • Cookes meals for upto 4-6 people
  • 7 different cooking functions
  • Schedule up to 24 hours in advance to cook
  • Intuitive and large control Panel
  • High-quality Construction

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Crock-Pot Pressure Cooker

A well-established player in the one-pot cooking arena, Crock-pot has released their own interpretation of an electric pressure cooker. Its an 8 in 1 cooker beating the Instant Pot Duo by 1 and it’s also slightly cheaper at the time of writing this.

  • High quality – Made by a well-known company
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Includes recipe book, steamer rack, and serving spoon

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InstaPot UltraInstant Pot Ultra

If you like the Instant Pot Duo but want a little more, the Ultra is the next evolution. With 10 Functions, this can replace many of your other appliances in your kitchen. It’s the best looking in my opinion out of all the options with a huge control panel and screen. It’s also extremely programmable, and even has stuff like adjusting for your altitude.  Overall, a great choice!

  • Beautiful Design
  • Huge Control Panel with Screen
  • 10 in 1 Cooker
  • Includes a Steam Rack, Soup Spoon, Serving Spoon, Recipe and Measuring cup
  • High-quality Construction

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InstaPot LuxInstant Pot LUX Mini

Yes another Instant Pot, I guess these guys know what they’re doing. The Lux is very similar to the other instant pots but has fewer features. If you’re on a budget, the Lux is usually the cheapest out of the Instant Pot lineup. It also makes a good pressure cooker to compliment a bigger one.

  • Cheapest Instant Pot
  • Programmable
  • Mini is good for 2-3 people or for cooking side dishes.

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chefman Chefman Pressure Cooker

Last on our list is a 2.5qt electric pressure cooker from Chefman. This cooker is great for sides or if you’re cooking for 1-2 people. 9 Cooking functions and a 1-year warranty make this a great option.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Simple and clean design
  • 9 cooking functions

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There you go, our top 5 list. There are many pressure cookers out there but if you choose any of these 5 you should not have any problems.

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