10 Common Instant Pot Mistakes Of New Users

There are some common mistakes that you will want to avoid making if you are new to the Instant Pot. Even the smallest mistake can have serious consequences.

Not Putting the Inner Pot Back in

Some people who use this appliance fail to put the inner pot back in, pouring their ingredients into the outer pot. This can actually break the appliance completely, so you’ll need to keep it in mind. Always make certain that you are putting your food into the inner pot before getting started. This could save you a lot of frustration and money.

Filling it up too High

Filling your Instant Pot up too high can also do quite a bit of damage. This makes it difficult for the venting knob to work properly, which can cause you major problems. You need to be aware of the max filling line so you don’t exceed it. If you do fill the pot up over this point, make sure to empty it out until it is back to a normal level.

Using the Instant Pot on a Stove

It is never a good idea to use this appliance on your stovetop. This can burn the underside of the appliance and ruin it completely. There is also the potential for starting a fire in your kitchen, which is the last thing you want.

Misusing the Quick Release Option

While the Quick Release option this pot offers can be useful, you shouldn’t use it every single time. It shouldn’t be used when you are cooking any meal that foams up. This can result in a major mess.

Accidentally Pressing the Timer

A lot of people accidentally press the Timer button when they are putting in the cook time. If you catch yourself doing this, just hit the Cancel button to correct the mistake quickly.

Putting in Excess Liquid

An excess of liquid in your Instant Pot when cooking food can ruin an otherwise delicious meal. It can actually take away from the overall flavor quite a bit, so you need to keep this in mind,

Failing to Check the Venting Knob

The position of the venting knob is something else that you’ll want to pay close attention to when using Instant Pot. If you do not put the knob in the sealing position, you can face some major problems.

Using the Rice Function to Cook Every Type of Rice

While the Rice mode that Instant Pot offers can be useful, it’s not appropriate for all kinds of rice. You need to consider the specific dish you want to make before doing this. Some of these dishes call for more water than others.

Not Putting the Sealing Ring Back

It’s also fairly common for Instant Pot novices to not put back the sealing ring after they clean it. This is a very important part, so you need to put it back on properly.

Neglecting the Recipe

Look carefully at the details of your recipe to make sure you are doing everything properly. If you don’t follow the recipe as it is written, you could have a lot of issues to content with once you are cooking.

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