Top 5 Instapot Cookbooks For Beginners

Instant Pots are like nothing you’ve ever cooked with. This is obviously very exciting, but getting started and learning how to cook with it can take time. That’s why I recommend you get a cookbook made specifically for cooking with Instapots. Instant Pots amazing success has exploded the number of cookbooks available, but below, I share the top 5 best selling cookbooks which have been vetted by thousands of customers.

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

With sales of over 500,000, this Cookbook is the best selling pressure cooker cookbook on Amazon. It comes with over 100 easy to follow meals, recipe guidelines, and each recipe has color-coded labels that allow you to quickly see how long the recipe will take.
After reading many reviews, there is a group of people who think some of the recipes aren’t easily usable for their family, but many others claim they like all the recipes. Overall, it looks like a great choice.

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The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook

This cookbook has almost a cult-like following, with people raving about how much they love this cookbook. Not only does it have many delicious recipes, but it also has great instructions on how to convert any recipe to work with your Instant Pot. For that reason, this is really the only Instant Pot recipe book you would ever need. That being said it still has a lot to offer people who already have several Instapot Cookbooks.

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Dinner in an Instant

Melissa Clark, the writer of this cookbook, is no stranger to cooking. With 37 cookbooks under her belt and the reporter for the New York Times food Sections, she clearly has the experience and knowledge to put out an awesome cookbook, and that she did. The 75 recipes included in the book are “modern” and might be a little more complicated and time-consuming than other cookbooks mentioned in this article. But most of the time its worth it.

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The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

As you have probably guessed from the title, this cookbook is specifically made for people on or interested in the Ketogenic diet. It includes the basics on the Keto Diet, the basics on using your Instapot, over 65 simple recipes and each recipe have nutritional information so you can easily track what you’re eating. Even if you’re not interested in Keto, this can still be a great book to find some new recipes in. If you’re very serious about Keto, some people have reported that many of the recipes have too many carbs and therefore are not technically keto. Not a big deal for most but something I thought I would mention.

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How to Instant Pot

The last book is a cookbook, but it takes a bit of a different angle than the rest of the books mentioned here. This book focuses on mastering all the functions of the instapot and generally how to use it. It’s like a much-improved version of the instructional manual you got with your Instapot. Its organized by each function and it really helps you learn how to use each one. The techniques learned in this book will help you cook any recipe whether it’s from this book or one of your other ones. Many people have reported that while the techniques are extremely helpful, the actual recipes weren’t all that great. Others disagree and say the recipes are great as well. Either way, this book would make a great addition to your collection and could greatly improve your Instant Pot cooking.

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Thanks for reading my top 5 instant pot cookbooks! Let me know below in the comments section what your favorite one is and if you recommend any others.

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