Ten Tips for New Instant Pot Users

Instant Pot has a lot to offer for those who want a more convenient way to prepare meals in the kitchen. There are still a lot of tips that can make using this appliance even easier while helping you to stay within your budget.


Go Through the Instructions

When you buy an Instant Pot, you will receive an instruction guide. It is important that you take the time to read through the guide thoroughly before getting started. This way you will be more likely to get your money’s worth from this appliance.

Use the Same Pot

The versatile design of this pressure cooker means that you can sauté, steam and pressure cook a wide range of foods in just one pot. This makes your job in the kitchen much easier overall. You won’t have to worry about using a different part for each of these things.

Release Pressure Before Opening

You never want to pry open the lid on your Instant Pot, as doing so can actually be dangerous. It is crucial that you make a point of releasing all the pressure first. All you have to do is just set the knob to the “venting” setting. This will make it safe for you to open it up when you need to access the contents inside.

Keep an Eye on the Sealing Ring

Another good tip to follow for Instant Pot owners is to be aware of the sealing ring. This particular component of the pressure cooker can come loose due to warping. If you have noticed any change in its shape, it’s important that you replace it right away.

Learn How to Release the Pressure

There are a couple of different ways to release pressure with this appliance. If you choose the quick option, make sure to avoid the handle where the steam comes out. You can also choose the natural release route, which simply consists of letting the pot’s pressure lower by itself.

Don’t Go Over One Cup

You shouldn’t need to exceed one cup when you are adding liquid to your Instant Pot. Putting more than that in can actually work against you in a number of ways.

Remember the Required Cooking Time

Each recipe you come across will have a total cook time, which you need to pay attention to. Failing to do this can result in overcooking or undercooking your food.

Be Careful with Frozen Foods

While you can use frozen foods in an Instant Pot, you need to be careful. Keep in mind that any foods that are frozen require a longer time to cook fully.

Increase Your Cooking Efficiency

You can reduce the time it takes for you to make certain meals by using the “sauté” option with your Instant Pot. This can make a big difference with how long it takes to make some meals.

Keep it Clean

You also need to make sure that you keep your Instant Pot clean on the inside and out. This will help to ensure that it keeps functioning properly for years to come.

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