How To Use An Instant Pot?

There are a number of different pressure cookers on the market, and Instant Pot is among the best. It features a digital display with numerous controls for a variety of functions. The main benefit of this appliance is that it saves you a lot of time when cooking.

The sealed lid on top allows the pressure to accumulate inside. The water comes to a boil and cooks the food in the pot with incredible efficiency.

Instant Pot Features

There are a number of useful features that Instant Pot offers, including:

  • Stainless steel construction: The pot that this pressure cooker uses is made entirely of stainless steel. This makes it easy to clean and gives you years of flawless use.
  • Numerous functions: You can do a lot with Instant Pot, including sauté, steam, and slow cook a variety of foods.
  • Energy efficient design: This pressure cooker is designed to use a minimal amount of energy while it works. This helps you get your needs met while keeping your utility bills down.
  • Easy to maintain: All of the different parts that make up this appliance can be cleaned by hand or run through a dishwasher.

Using the Various Instant Pot Settings

There are a total of 16 unique settings that Instant Pot offers. If you are going to purchase this appliance, it’s a good idea to know how to use each one properly.

  • Soup: You can make a variety of soups in just half an hour with the high pressure setting. You can also make a stew by setting it to high pressure for twenty minutes.
  • Bean/Chili: This setting uses high pressure and gives you a delicious chili meal within half an hour.
  • Poultry: Just put your chicken in and 15 minutes later you will have a savory meal to enjoy. It could take up to 30 minutes depending on the amount of chicken you are putting in.
  • Rice: This appliance will begin cooking your rice within 12 minutes on low steam pressure.
  • Multigrain: Whether you are making rice or cereal, it only takes 40 minutes with the high pressure setting.
  • Yogurt: You can also make yogurt with this versatile appliance.

There are three different programs to choose from.

  • Sauté: Instant Pot is much more efficient and easier than stovetop cooking. You can sauté a variety of foods with this mode at normal and low temperature settings.
  • Slow cook: The Slow Cook setting gives you the option to cook food between a half hour and 20 hours.
  • Steam: You can steam vegetables in only 10 minutes. Remember to use a rack.
  • Manual: This setting allows you to go between different pressure levels.
  • Timer: There is a Timer button that lets you choose when to start cooking your food.
  • Pressure: This lets you determine the steam pressure for the best possible results.
  • Adjust: Press this button to get the perfect temperature when sautéing or slow cooking your food.
  • Keep Warm/Cancel: This function keeps your food warm until you are ready to start eating.


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